Public Relations amplifies your company’s story.

Used strategically, PR helps you build trusted relationships with key influencers including journalists, bloggers, market analysts and the most prolific opinion leaders.

At Alford Communications, we provide PR and communications counsel and coaching to help you tell your company and brand story.

We work with you from strategy and development to content creation and delivery. When you are ready to tell your unique story, contact us!

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What Headline Do You Want to See?

You think you are sitting on some exciting news. It’s a great feeling, right? But are you really? News is a very subjective subject. Just ask a journalist or a veteran in PR. They will look at your news with unique filters. To begin with, you will hear them ask...
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One Moment Changes Everything

We live in a crazy world. We fill every waking moment with some kind of stimuli – bright colors, loud sounds and lots of activity in this 24/7 world. Between ambient noise, visual noise and the constant barrage of more and more information, we can easily become...
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Dear Press Release: You’re A Tool

No offense. Really. You are an important tool, not what the Urban Dictionary says is “one who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-esteem.” So what brings this declaration? I got this a...
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In Case You Missed It: Defining Social Media Boundaries

Editor’s Note: This blog post appeared on LinkedIn and on The Social Media Club of San Francisco sites on July 13, 2016 I just read a disturbing piece by Rebecca Hersher on NPR on today’s explosive social media world. (Public Figures Struggle With Social Media...
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What Others Are Saying:

VP, Corp. Comms

Her expertise coupled with her effective and creative communication approaches makes for a very effective partnership. I hope our paths cross again!
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VP Marketing

Alford is diligent, focused and results oriented and delivered results far beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Jeanne and her team for any Board or senior executive looking for a strategically focused leader.
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Jeanne brought a unique set of skills to the program by blending her background and experience in communications, executive coaching, project management with an acute understanding of the inner workings of an enterprise.
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Internal Comms Director

She took the lead on planning and facilitating communications with the executive and employee populations proving that she is an exceptional communications manager. She clearly understands how to communicate with a dynamic, and often times, capricious audience.
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Product Marketing Director

Alford was instrumental in establishing a global PR organization and recruited top-class staff to execute the defined strategies. Her work was outstanding!
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Executive Vice President, Technology

As a PR strategist, Jeanne always had the ability to get me in front of the right person at the right time. She crafted the appropriate messaging and then provided all the tools to ensure we executed on strategy, on message and on budget.  
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